Platinum Mortgage, Inc. - Referrals & Testimonials

I called Platinum Mortgage and spoke with Adam Haines regarding the mortgage rates. I stressed to him my concerns on trying to obtain a lower rate than I previously received to keep my payment within a certain range. Mr. Haines was very professional and understanding, he not only went over the current rates for the type of loan I was looking for but answered all my questions since this was my first mortgage loan. Although I closed on my loan 3-mos ago, Mr. Haines still takes time out to answer my questions. I would definitely recommend/refer Mr. Haines to anyone. Thank you.

- rolle2 (via Zillow)

Adam assisted us in purchasing a home recently. He did a great job keeping us informed of the process. There were a couple of times where it didn't seem like our dream of owning a home was going to come true but Adam went above and beyond to make sure we were going to be homeowners.

- Wyatt Carpenter (via Zillow) 

Very positive and seamless experience with Adam. I would use him again anytime as well as recommend him to my friends. Every step of the process with Adam was very clear and not confusing. I provided Adam with the documentation he requested and shortly after received my mortgage approval.

- prwells5 (via Zillow)

This letter is in regards to recommending Dawn Miller, a Certified Loan Originator for Platinum Mortgage, to represent anyone on the purchase of a new home, without a second thought.
While working with her on the loan, I relied on Dawn to put together my loan package, for which she did so in a timely manner and with much knowledge. Her resourcefulness, creativity, and ability to stay on track for the scheduled closing date was successful and pleasing.
When we went into the closing process on the new home, Dawn was able to guide us through every step of the process and kept us up to date. Although buying a home can be quite stressful, Dawn helped relieve any stress or anxiety that might be felt and gave us confidence and ensured that we received a competitively low interest rate.
During this time, she was an effective communicator, often serving as my liason to the underwriters and closing attorney's office. She has collaboratively helped individuals that I have referenced purchase new homes with ease. Dawn has shown the ability of "breakthrough thinking" and "customer focus" throughout the entire process and with clients that I have referenced to her. She is an outstanding individual and works hard to get the job done in a timely manner.
Dawn's sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor made working with her a joy. I highly recommend her as a Certified Loan Originator.
- Sincerely, Tracey Cain (via letter)  

Ms. Dawn Miller was an incredible partner throughout our mortgage loan process. Our family has been searching for our dream home for the past 2 years. When we finally found it, we quickly realized the closing process would be quite complex. Fortunately, Dawn was there to help us from beginning to end. Her enthusiasm and passion surpassed our greatest expectations. Regardless of the hurdle, Dawn always came through quickly and professionally. She even helped us reduce our homeowners insurance premium by 65%! She truly went above and beyond, and we could not have asked for anyone better. Without her, we may still be searching for our
dream home. Thank you Dawn for everything!
- The Chen Family (via email)

I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for working so hard to help me get my house. I am so lucky that I choose Platinum for my financing. You guys stayed the course, and you were always honest and upfront with me. You helped me get approved through many obstacles, and I truly believe that if it wasn't for your team, I would not be sitting in my brand new home now. I have selectively distributed the business cards that you gave me at closing Dawn; and I have told everyone  about the excellent service I received. I hope you both had a great Valentines day, and again:

Thank You! Take Care.

- Sincerely, Angelo Piciullo (via email)

 To the Leadership of Platinum Mortgage, I want to make you aware of the enriching experience that I encountered with Mrs. Dawn Miller.

My journey began with Platinum while perusing your website.  For me it was like an interview process, clicking on every originator photo link.  I felt most at ease and welcomed my Dawns video. 

Dawn warm demeanor and her eagerness to serve is authentic.  She has a passion for her work, and made my entire mortgage process very easy.   I am sure that I was not her only client, however; she always made me feel as though I were.  Dawn always placed a personal touch on each encounter, which made my experiences with her memorable.

Dawn was with me through the entire process, sharing her professional expertise and trusted advice. 

We happily closed on our home January 28, 2014.  In all the mortgages I have closed my originator has never been at my closing.  However, this one was different, because Dawn Miller was front and center supporting me through the ENTIRE process.

When, I began this process it was my goal to purchase a home.  However, I obtain much more that. I was fortunate to work with a professional who worked in my best interested, not the builders.

Your organization is fortunate to have Dawn Miller on Team Platinum Mortgage, and I would highly recommend her to others.

- Sincerely, Elizabeth Ponder (via letter)

This is the best mortgage company in town! Janet and Jamie will take excellent care of you!

- Susan Terry (via Facebook)

Great customer service! They really care about their clients.

- Terry Stover (via Facebook)

Sherry manages the mortgage office, where I financed the purchase of a new home. Sherry was most knowledgeable of the process, policies and rules for home mortgages. Her suggestions and experience were also most helpful to me in the decision to go forward with the loan, and in the completion of the very detailed and thorough process. Sherry was most professional and personable in her business dealings with me. 

- tedbdavis (via Zillow) 

When I decided I wanted to buy a house I started looking for a mortgage company to work with. Because my credit score was not as good as it could be I was getting unenthusiastic responses from lenders. After speaking with Sherry Dougherty my experience changed. Sherry was professional, and immediately demonstrated her knowledge in her area of expertise. She made me feel like I was her most important customer. Sherry got me through the process of gathering data necessary for the approval process. (Always with a positive attitude). I felt that Sherry was working hard for me by keeping me informed. I highly recommend Sherry. 

- jozadeh1 (via Zillow)

Amazing to work with! We could not have asked for better! Sherry was always available and never tired of our questions or concerns. We will never use anyone else. We will recommend her to anyone who is shopping!

- my2bamagirls (via Zillow)


I would like to thank you for your years of exceptional service to my clients. I’m so grateful to have met you for the first time when my own parents were downsizing in 2007. You exemplified not only professionalism and know-how, but you took extra time, care and patience with them. That is so rare in today’s busy world!

The purchasers – and refinance customers – you have worked with throughout the years has been so fortunate and thankful to have you on their ‘side’. One in particular really stands out for me…

A VA client that was relocating to this area and was going to utilize his VA loan benefit was so thrilled and surprised when you were able to save him thousands of dollars AND get him into the home of his dreams. You know such a great deal about the specialized nature of the VA loan…the right questions to ask and the pertinent information to obtain. He actually had a lender-friend that was telling him he could not purchase the home he wanted and would have to bring several thousand dollars to closing with that less expensive home. How exciting it was to get those matters cleared up and for all to work out to his great benefit! I was amazed…and believe you to be one of the most knowledgeable VA lenders in town.

Of course, with all other loan types, you are proficient and helpful. You are accessible and don’t mind explaining the ‘process’ over and over so that your client understands and is comfortable.

Thank you for your expertise and care!

- Ruth Fuller (via email)


Thank you so very much for the information, service, and mostly for the guidance you provided Marty and I during our loan application process with Platinum Mortgage. We really appreciated all the time and attention you gave to all the financial details of our loan.

Making the final decision on which home to choose was the fun part, and the financing part was made easy because of your professionalism and vast knowledge of the mortgage industry.

Thank you once again for helping us purchase our home!!!

- Marty & Beatrice Barnett (via email)

I recently retired and moved to Madison to build my dream retirement home.  As a senior manager with the IRS for over 40 years, I was definitely going to do my homework and find the best financing possible.  After a thorough search of lenders in the area, the obvious choice was Platinum Mortgage.  Jonathan Smith found the best rate for me as well as best overall package of lender credits, including a no-cost extended rate lock, which proved invaluable as rates began to rise during the building process.  At the closing table, I realized how lucky I was to have discovered Jonathan Smith and Platinum mortgage. They truly made my dream come true with the best financing package available and great customer service throughout the process.  Do yourself the biggest favor ever, and give Jonathan a call!

- Peggy Sue Unander (via email)

Jonathan Smith and Veronica Oden have served my real estate team and office of over 30 agents for the past  five years and have always provided a resource of reliable information, unselfish service and professionalism -  often in spite of pressure and deadlines.   They offer a wide variety of mortgage programs to fit the budget needs of a first time home buyer as well as a move-up buyer seeking a jumbo loan.  Both Jonathan and Veronica have been a source of unbiased information and guidance for me personally and I would recommend them to anyone. 

- Diane Hasley (via email)